10 Tweets That Can Attract New Members for Your Association

Posted by Curt Moss on Jan 24, 2014 12:19:00 PM

Attract new association members using TwitterAs more members and potential members tap into the power of Twitter, it’s time to step up your efforts. Twitter is a great way to display the personality of your association and engage people on a personal level.

Twitter can help you build your brand and deliver value. The point is to give followers something they will value, that they may not get anywhere else and that they will share with their followers.

But what do you tweet about?

Here’s a list of 10 types of Tweets to help you get started.

1. Hashtags

Hashtags (#) drive Twitter traffic. Tap into a sense of community and follow trends and topics. Follow hashtags related to major business and industry events and chime in with useful and appropriate content and observations. Create your own hashtags for your association’s events and programs and promote them in your other content.

2. Mentions

People like being mentioned on Twitter. If someone interacts with your organization in real life or online, mention them in a tweet, using their Twitter handle. Use their handle or a hashtag to help spread the word.


Follow members, vendors, industry leaders, related associations and other industry groups. When they post useful information, photos, links or just a great comment, retweet it. It shows your followers you care enough to share useful content with them.  

4. Headlines

Announce new programs, event signups, or new content with an intriguing headline and a link. Use a few strong keywords and your hashtags to get your tweet noticed. The goal is to get click-thrus to your content. Use the words “new benefit”, “training programs” or “events.”

Check out this post on effective email subject lines for inspiration for your Twitter headlines. Similar rules apply to both tweets and email.

5. Link to your online presence

Share links to a new blog post, updated web pages, email newsletters, event registration pages and schedules. Show a little personality and let people know what they’re clicking on and why they'll find it valuable.

6. Engage your members

In short: have conversations.  Reply to members when they post questions about your industry or community.  Be sure to reply back to any questions your members ask you, as well.

And engage prospective new members by searching for people posting about your industry or area. Use search.twitter.com to find people and organizations talking about the hot topics in your world. Retweet things you think your members would like: new articles, new products, industry developments. Share regulatory updates, new healthcare rules or whatever is trending in your world.

7. Photos

Add visual interest with photos.  It's super easy to use your phone to take pictures and post quick updates to connect followers to what’s happening in real time.  Post photos of your events, your team at legislative sessions, members visiting your office and other images of new publications or resources available to your members.

8. Videos

We all know people love to watch videos, so take advantage of the trend. You can post videos on YouTube and Tweet the links. Or try Vine, an app that helps you create six-second videos and tweet them. There’s no limit to your creativity. Videos should be short and to the point – use them to support all of your marketing campaigns.

9. Questions

Get people talking with questions. Ask what they like or don’t like about events, services, communications or latest trends. Ask them what they think about upcoming legislative changes or regulations or other current events. Respond with additional follow up questions to keep the conversation going.

10. Stories

Share success stories about your members or link to articles featuring your members.

Create short stories about your members, your industry, and your association. You can tell a whole story in one tweet, or across several tweets.  Or you can link to a blog post or news article where a member is profiled.   A good story will keep people asking for more!


Bonus Tip:   Store your members' social media profiles in your association management software so you can easily track which member has which Twitter handle.  And, it's a good idea to store this information on your prospective members as well.  That way you'll be able to proactively reach out to prospects with new information.


Remember, the goal is to share content that your followers value and want to share with their networks. You want to be what your members and prospective members are interested in so they will continue to follow you.

As Seth Godin says, “Turn strangers into friends, turn friends into customers (members) and turn customers into salespeople.”  With Twitter, you can do all three.


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