5 Benefits to Integrating Your Association Website with Your Membership Database

Posted by Alex Davis on Jul 9, 2013 11:34:00 PM

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Your association website is one of the most important tools for driving new member sales, increasing retention, and developing streams of non-dues revenue. Is your website holding you and your organization back?

In a recent webinar titled, “Advanced Google Analytics: Top 10 Things Your Association Should be Measuring (But Probably Isn’t)” we surveyed attendees on their biggest website challenges and how often they are able to make updates to their existing website.

What is your biggest website challenge?

What is your biggest association website challenge?

How Often Do You Make Updates to Your Existing Website?

How Often Do You Make Updates to Your Existing Website?

While there weren’t large numbers of attendees who reported lack of website and database integration, 41% said they experience difficulty making website updates or hardly make updates at all. This, mind you, from an audience attending an advanced Google Analytics webinar. (I’d guess the number to be much higher across a less forward-looking audience.) Also, I’d be willing to bet that some of the issues from making updates stem from not having robust content management tools available in a completely integrated website and membership database solution.

So, what can be gained from a complete integration?

  • Accuracy and Simplified Workflow. As soon as a new member joins, they are automatically added to your online membership directory. This means members can begin seeing value immediately and there is less room for errors, because there’s no need for double entry. If a member drops, they are immediately removed and no longer receive their online membership listing.
  • Membership ROI. Ever wish it was easier to demonstrate value to your members? With a fully integrated website and database, all of the business referrals your website brings in is seamlessly tied to each member. Because your website data is connected to your membership database, you can simply print a report to demonstrate membership ROI, from your website alone.
  • Increase in SEO. With a robust integration, you can use the data in your membership database to create additional pages and add relevant content for each of your members’ businesses. Automatically share basic information like address and phone number or more detailed items like Twitter handle, business description, or operating hours. The creation of hundreds or even thousands of additional pages means more relevant content on your website, which increases search engine optimization. Rank better in search engines, increase website traffic, and increase leads to your organization and your members. 
  • Easy Event Signup and Tracking. Allow members to sign up for events on your website and automatically connect the information to their data record. Want to run a report of members who haven't been to an event in the last 6 months? Or how about sending an event reminder to all registered members, within a few clicks? With full website and membership database integration, there's no need to track event information separately; all the data and insight you need is available at your fingertips.
  • Manage Billing. Allow members to see bills available for online payment – dues, advertising, sponsorship invoices – and pay online. Not only does this increase efficiencies for your organization, it’s an added convenience for your members.  And of course, all of the payment information is directly tied to your database and financial records for each member.

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