5 Ways to Increase Member Engagement for Better Retention

Posted by WebLink Staff on Jul 16, 2013 11:09:00 AM

By Rory Beall, Membership Management Executive

At the forefront of any organization’s retention strategy should be increasing member engagement. Passive members are much less likely to renew their membership so understanding how to move inactive members to more involved members can have a tremendous impact.

Here are 5 ways to increase member engagement:

  1. Segment Your Messaging

We’re all aware that members will join and renew their memberships for varied reasons. Therefore, tailoring messages to individualized needs can have a greater impact. Communication must fit the individual member, not your entire database. Instead of mass messaging, maximize your messages impact by sending to smaller groups.

For example, does a small business owner have the same needs as a staff member in a large corporation? Likely not, so don’t send them the same messaging. Did a member say they joined your organization for networking but they’ve never come to an event? Send them an invite that appeals to their desire to network. Do you have members who always respond to one type of communication but ignore all the others? Double down and send that member only those messages that are relevant to them, based on their past behavior.

  1. Pick Up the Phone

People love hearing from you by phone. It instills trust and opens doors for you to hear feedback and get them more engaged. Try taking one day each month and prioritize a list of members to call.  Make sure to outline your interest in helping them maximize their membership. Check in on their business operations and professional goals.

A phone call can also be the perfect platform for requesting volunteerism from members. Ask them to become door greeters, keynote speakers or perhaps hand out refreshments. There is a desire in human nature to be helpful, so appeal to this urge by requesting volunteers and getting a group of members immediately engaged.

  1. Engage Them in Social Media

Social media is more than just posting updates on your organization’s own pages and networks. Your social media strategy should include posting on your members’ pages, sharing information and commenting on their posts.

The whole purpose of social media is to expand our networks. Your members and their businesses are on social media to get the word out about what they have to say. Help them do this by helping their potential customers find them. Consider the following:

  • Post on members’ business or personal pages
  • Retweet what they have to say
  • Recognize them through ‘spotlights’ written into newsletters or emails
  • Share their event information and other content

Social media, when used correctly, becomes another value-driven asset to retain existing members or to aid in recruitment of new members. And don’t forget to collect Facebook page and Twitter account information on your members. Social media pages are nearly as important as a phone number.

  1. Update Their Contact Information

It seems simple, but how many of your members phone numbers or emails are out of date or not complete? Be sure you have a strategy for updating your records periodically that is easy for staff, members and is integrated with your membership management software. You simply can’t engage members if you can’t reach them!

  1. Show Them Your Website Value

Members love seeing value in what they’re paying for and your association website can be a great way to demonstrate value to your members. In fact, the value members receive from exposure on your website can often justify their membership renewal each year.  

A website that is graphically appealing, easy to navigate, contains mobile and tablet friendly design, and great content is going to help you drive more business and value to your members.

WebLink clients are able to share via email or print simple website referral reports that demonstrate the website traffic and business leads being sent to their members’ businesses. Are you providing this data to your members?


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