6 Questions to Ask Yourself for Association Software Success

Posted by WebLink Staff on Jan 18, 2013 12:09:00 AM

By Travis Tetrault, Membership Management Executive

Like most people, I will play the victim and blame software for performance issues and causing unwanted frustration. Time and time again when I reflect on the issue, it is proven to be a manual error and not the software causing the compounding frustration. I get it, taking responsibility for user error is difficult and almost inhuman (especially for the male species), but when you take the responsibility, a world of software opportunities arise.

To be clear, you must start with a member manangement software solution that is specific and necessary to perform your daily functions, create efficiencies, and improve upon your prior performance. A systematic analysis and due diligence of possible vendors is key. But, don't underestimate your role and commitment to the process.

Here are 6 quesions to ask yourself for Association Software Success:

  • Will you commit the time to learn and adopt new software?
  • Will you learn to use the software independently or do you need assistance?  
  • Do you rely on the most user friendly software that may or may not hinder performance?
  • Can you manage a more complex system to improve performance?
  • Do you need a strong support staff to answer at every beck and call?
  • Can you use online guides, tutorials and videos to answer frequent questions?

So the big question you need to ask yourself is who will you be? And does your current or future association software provider meet those needs? 

If  you take the time to fully engage your member management software and truly understand the operational aspects and utilize all the technologies possible, then you are much more likely to use the database software to its fullest capabilities. Of course there are time constraints and loss of productivity during training and adoption. However, the investment on the front end will save yourself time, energy, and money. You'll recover any lost productivity, and will increase your productivity tenfold long term. 

In the end, take a positive, responsible approach to your member managment software adoption and you will define the maximum capabilities of your database software solution.

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We'd love to hear from you! How do you take responsibility for your technology's success?

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