Always Be Blogging: 25 Blog Ideas for Associations from Glengarry Glen Ross

Posted by Curt Moss on Jun 12, 2013 12:37:00 AM

There’s a famous line in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross by Alec Baldwin’s character, "A-B-C. A-- Always, B-- Be, C-- Closing. Always Be Closing. Always Be Closing!"   [Listen to the clip here].   You should use this same approach to blogging – Always Be Blogging!  Unfortunately, ‘A.B.B.’ doesn’t work as well, does it?  ;-)

You know that timely, relevant and frequent content updates on your blog helps your business association be found in more searches, helps to position your organization as an expert and can create additional value for your members. So, always be blogging!

Always have your next 2 or 3 blog posts in the back of your mind, plus respond to new business issues or new that affects your members with additional posts.  Better yet, you should truly manage your content plans with an editorial calendar.  Need help?  Check out these 5 Systems for Creating an Editorial Calendar.

If you’re staying in touch with what’s important to your members, you’ll always find topics to blog about.  If you're not sure what to write about next, here are some ideas for your association to create blog posts:

  1. Why do businesses join your association?
  2. How does your association impact business in your industry or your community?
  3. Who is your longest-standing member?  Why have then been a member so long?
  4. Who is your latest member?   What caused them to join?
  5. What is your association doing to conserve energy?
  6. What are your members doing to conserve energy?
  7. How do taxes impact your members?  Are there specific issues going on now that your association has a position on?
  8. What was the last unexpected thing your association did?
  9. What social media platforms does your association use and how can your members follow you there?
  10. What phone call did you get today that you should share with your audience?
  11. What was the last event you had?  What was discussed there that should be shared?
  12. What other business blogs do you follow?  Why?
  13. What was the last good business book you read? How would your members find it valuable?
  14. What’s the most frequently used service or benefit of your association?
  15. What’s the least frequently used service or benefit of your association?  (That members don’t know about, but should)
  16. What’s the biggest misconception about your association?
  17. What's the latest mistake your association made? How did you recover?
  18. What's the funniest business story you have?
  19. What’s the make-up of your members? How many small businesses vs. large businesses?  Are you working to change this make up?
  20. What members have you helped to grow their business?  How many jobs were created?
  21. What is your disaster recovery plan?  What resources could members use to create theirs?
  22. Who do you want to thank today?
  23. How does your association refer potential customers to your members?
  24. What members recently made the news that you can share?
  25. What technology do you use that your members may find interesting?


If you’re currently blogging, I hope you get some new blog post ideas from these topics. Of course, you will find ways to tailor these topics to your audience, using business terms your members are familiar with and that resonate with them.  

If you’re not blogging, why not?

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