Association Marketing Strategy

Kelly Sutter, Marketing Manager

Kelly Sutter, Association Marketing ProfessionalA marketing professional with experience and strengths in account managment, campaign strategy, social media, direct marketing, member/consumer research, copywriting, branding, website development/management, print advertising and online advertising. 

Prior to working at WebLink International, Kelly worked with various associations and other member-based organizations at a marketing and communications firm. There, she worked with associations and their member databases to implement strategies for website development, member communications and increasing non-dues revenue.

Kelly has spent time on the board of the American Marketing Association's Indianapolis Chapter and is currently a board member for a member-based association, the Greater Indy Innovation Roundtable (GIIRT).  She also works with a local non-profit, the Indiana Innovation Awards, as a board member.

12 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Association

Spring has (finally) sprung! Last weekend, I opened all the windows in my house and gave it a good scrubbing and de-cluttering. There’s something about a good clean up that can feel so inspiring. And many of the same principles can be applied to your organizational well-being.

Here are 12 tips for spring cleaning for your association:

1. Get Organized: Re-locate all of your data to one source.

Association management software (AMS) is critical to working efficiently and providing greater benefits...

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Is Your Association Staff Really Passionate About Your Members? 10 Ways to Show You Care.

Is your association staff passionate about your members?We’ve all heard that actions speak louder than words. That means your association must do more than just check off a list of benefits. Showing that you and your staff are sincerely passionate about your industry, your community, and your members’ is critical. And it will keep them coming back year after year.

1. Create a passionate, caring culture.

This doesn't happen over night, and is easier said than done. It starts at the top with great leadership and can be sustained by hiring the right...

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Should your association hire a consultant?

Should your association hire a consultant?To deliver the most value to your members, does it feel like you're doing a lot more with a lot less? Every association and chamber of commerce is going through the same thing. With everyone stretched thin, when it comes to strategic planning or major investment decisions you may not have the expertise on staff to make key decisions to help your association grow.

Like good management teams in the for-profit world, association executives sometimes need to engage an outside party for a...

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Association Online Communities: 8 Things to Consider Before Starting One

Consider these points when creating an online communityJust like traditional communities, online communities provide your members a way to be social, discuss issues, meet people with common interests, and support each other in times of need. Both online and offline communities are places to interact, converse, and cultivate relationships.

While communities of all kinds are largely beneficial, they take effort and there are things to consider before creating a new place to interact. Here are 8 things to think about before starting an online community.


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Association Blog Ideas: 50 Out-of-the Box Posts to Keep you Inspired

Unique, inspiring, and frequent content keeps members engaged, helps your association be found in searches, and helps to position your organization as an expert in your industry or community. As a fairly regular blogger, I have days where I have too many ideas (and just not enough time) and other days where I just get "stuck".

Next time you're feeling "stuck", here are 50 unique ideas to keep you inspired:

  1. Blog about other blogs! Share your comments about a recent blog post you read or share a...
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Membership Management Software is for Small Associations, Too!

There are lots of options when it comes to membership management software. But smaller organizations can sometimes feel left out. Many times the options are too expensive and loaded with features that just aren't needed. Or you're stuck using something cheap that lacks the integrations and features needed to really be effective.

However, at WebLink we believe there is a way to stay within budget, while still getting what you need from your membership management software. While many solutions are...

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What is Your Association's Technology Strategy?

When an association experiences operational inefficiencies or struggles with gaining useful member intelligence to manage their business, the association management software often gets blamed. On the reverse side, association management software can be looked at as a hero when done right.

While finding the right fit is critical, having a strategy is even more important.  Your association's overall plan should consist of goals, plans, tactics, measurements and analyses that drive your use of the...

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How to Host a Great Webinar For Your Members

Host a great webinar for your membersWebinars allow you to bring members together without having to meet at a physical location. The benefits can include: elimination of travel time and costs, ability to record and watch later, and fewer logistics to consider without the need for a venue, meal planning, etc.

Here are some ways you can ensure a fantastic webinar for your members.

Choose a great topic – Make sure you have a specific topic in mind, and an outline to follow. Participants want to know what the webinar is about, and what...

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8 Ways Your Association Can Do More with Less

Associations frequently have limited resources and your staff members always have multiple responsibilities, so finding ways to implement new programs and services can be challenging.  But with such a high focus on delivering value to members, many associations don't take the time to reevaluate their processes or look for new ways to accomplish their goals without breaking the bank.

Here are 8 ideas for how you can do more with less.

  1. Define who you are as an organization. When is the last time you...
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How Your Association Management Software Can Help You Target Millennials

Millenials (also known as Generation Y)  are individuals born between 1979 and 2001. And according to Forbes, Millenials will make up 36% of the workforce by 2014 and 46% by 2020. With that in mind, Millennials are extremely important to your organization as it exists today, and are key to your future success.

How can your association management software help you target millennials?

Customize your communications. Your association management software should allow you to segment data and...

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30 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Association Event

Events can be a great member benefit but without the proper planning can become a huge expense. Here are 30 great ways to save money.

  1. Know your budget. Before you start any of the planning, know your budget so you can keep priorities in order.
  2. Plan your event early. When vendors still have a lot of availability, they are much more willing to work with you on price and may be able to include a few "extras" at little or no cost.
  3. Be flexible on dates. Rates can vary greatly by the time of year, day of...
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4 Keys (and Lots of Tips!) to Avoiding Unhappy Members

Keeping members happy is central to running a successful organization. Happy members mean higher retention rates, more engaged members, and a higher likelihood that your members will talk to others about the value they receive.

What can you do to keep members happy?

1. Communicate. Keep members informed while providing a constant flow of fresh topics and ideas.

- Create a content calendar to ensure you are providing regular, quality communication.

- Always keep your website up-to-date with the...

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20 Reasons to Buy Association Management Software Today

  1. Take the Stress Out of Information Management. Find everything in one place without hopping from program to program.
  2. Save Money on Staff-Hours. Streamlined information means you will spend less time looking through multiple programs for the information you need. A member’s name, history, and information about their specific needs/interests are all in one location.
  3. Save Money on Software. You may be able to save money by eliminating other software vendors and combining all the tools you need into...
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What are the Benefits of Using Chamber Membership Software?

Your membership database is your Chamber's most valuable asset. So choosing the right technology to keep track of all of your member data is crucial. The most robust Chamber Membership Software solutions out there can provide you with a variety of features for creating efficiencies, increasing new member sales, improving retention, and generating more non-dues revenue.

So, how could your Chamber benefit?

Seamless Integration

Choosing to run your Chamber on Chamber Membership Software makes life...

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Questions to Ask During an Association Management Software Demo

Demonstrations of association management software  usually contain a wealth of information and can sometimes be overwhelming, causing you to miss learning about some of your key objectives. So, how do you make sure you get  the information you need?

Start with the end in mind; focus on the end goals of what your organization needs to accomplish.  Each system you review will offer different ways to accomplish tasks.  Don’t get hung up on the how something is done; stay
focused on the what needs to...

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How to Use Infographics to Engage Your Members

Great content is critical for member engagement. But great content doesn’t have to mean pages and pages of text. In fact, content that is easy to read, understand, and absorb is even better. And let’s be honest – your members probably don’t have the time or desire to read paragraphs of content.

That’s why infographics can be a great way to better engage with your members. What is an infographic? In short, it’s the use of a visual to explain a complex idea or data. recently put...

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Why Website Advertising is a Great Benefit for Chamber Members

Your website is one of the best marketing opportunities your members have available for growing their businesses. In fact, many of our clients' members say the exposure they gain from the chamber's website is worth the price of dues renewals each year.

So, how can you make your website even BETTER for your members?   Online Advertising!

Offering online advertising on your chamber’s website to your members is an excellent way to provide additional value to your members beyond the directory...

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Best Association Websites: 4 Things Your Website Needs To Deliver

Website design and functionality has grown considerably in the last few years. For most visitors to your website, their first impression of your brand is formed by the design, content and features offered on your association website. Your website shows online visitors how much thought your association puts into its brand so it’s essential to put your best foot forward.

To connect with both current and prospective members, associations must have an engaging website that delivers easy...

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Your Association Brand: Is it Credible?

While walking into the American Heart Association, you cannot help fixating your eyes upon the massive heart logo that embodies the AHA’s existence. The AHA’s brand conveys a feeling of strength, health, and expertise.

Similarly, the United Way logo consists of one cupped hand holding a human, demonstrating their affinity for showing mankind generosity during times of need.

These two examples of well-established association make a strong connection between their logo and their brand. Due to their...

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5 Benefits to Integrating Your Association Website with Your Membership Database

Your association website is one of the most important tools for driving new member sales, increasing retention, and developing streams of non-dues revenue. Is your website holding you and your organization back?

In a recent webinar titled, “Advanced Google Analytics: Top 10 Things Your Association Should be Measuring (But Probably Isn’t)” we surveyed attendees on their biggest website challenges and how often they are able to make updates to their existing website.

What is your biggest website...

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