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11 Email Subject Lines Your Association Can Use To Get Better Open Rates

11 Email Subject Lines for Your Association to StealDespite the social media boom, email remains a powerful tool for associations and chambers of commerce. Making sure your message cuts through the clutter in your members' inboxes is as much art as it is science.  But, there are some best practices to keep in mind when creating your emails.

A powerful email starts with the subject line.  Frequently, staff members at associations will write the content for the email first and then hurry to slap on a subject line before pressing send.   Instead,...

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Should your association hire a consultant?

Should your association hire a consultant?To deliver the most value to your members, does it feel like you're doing a lot more with a lot less? Every association and chamber of commerce is going through the same thing. With everyone stretched thin, when it comes to strategic planning or major investment decisions you may not have the expertise on staff to make key decisions to help your association grow.

Like good management teams in the for-profit world, association executives sometimes need to engage an outside party for a...

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Should Your Association Change Your Processes Or Your Software?

Should your association change your process or your software?On the list of inevitable things after death and taxes, change ranks right at the top. Any association or chamber of commerce seeking to maintain their relevance, grow their organization and drive success for their members are going to have to change something.

But knowing what to change can certainly be a challenge for associations seeking to become a key partner in their members' success.

Launching a significant software change for association or member management, a new website, or content...

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8 Social Media Actions That Drive Member Engagement

8 Social Media Actions That Drive Member EngagementSocial media has become a powerful tool for communicating with members, sharing content, asking and answering questions and building relationships. But it takes more than simply re-purposing calendar events or newsletter items to get the most out of your social media connections.

For busy association and chamber members on the go, social media may become their preferred form of contact.

Here are some to tips to drive member engagement for your association or chamber.

Watch, read and listen...

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WebLink Summit: Innovation & Expertise To Drive Your Association's Success

Innovation, Expertise and Knowledge to Drive Your Association's SuccessFor more than a decade, the WebLink Summit has delivered a unique learning experience for forward-thinking business associations and chambers of commerce.   WebLink will once again host this marketing, technology and social media conference October 1-3, 2014 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis.

Why is the WebLink Summit different?    Our focus and our attendees.

While we offer how-to sessions on using WebLink's membership management software, we go much deeper to help you drive success for your...

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Webinar: 5 Mistakes That Haunt Associations When Using Their Membership Database

Your membership management database is critical to your organization's success.  In fact, it may be the single most important asset your association or chamber of commerce owns.

If your association or chamber of commerce is like most member-based organizations, you don't hold any patents, produce products, keep a significant inventory of items to sell or create propriety information.  However, the collection of data in your membership database IS a propriety asset.

Your data is unique and...

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5 Twitter Tips for Finding New Members For Your Association

Search Twitter to find new members for your associationTwitter is a fantastic tool for sharing short bits of information with your followers and replying or sharing their content.   Many associations and chambers of commerce are actively using Twitter each day to share information on news, events, benefit programs and issues important to their members.

Twitter can also be an outstanding research tool to find new potential members so your organization can start engaging them.

Here are some tips to find new potential members for your association.


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Top Questions About Social Media Strategies for Increasing Retention & Member Sales

Last week, WebLink hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled, "Social Media Strategy for Increasing Member Retention and Sales."

While most chambers of commerce and associations are using social media tools to communicate with their audience, very few have created a concrete strategy or plan for driving engagement with their members.   This challenge was confirmed by some pre-webinar questions we asked attendees.

The results (charts below) demonstrated that...

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Client Spotlight: 12 Reasons Property Management Association of West Michigan Chose WebLink

By Tao Stadler, Senior Membership Management Executive

At WebLink, there’s really nothing better than a client sharing their success story with us. As a former association professional staff member myself, I love hearing how something we’ve done---whether it’s our software or our team—has helped a client improve their association.

With more than 600 associations and chambers of commerce using our membership management system and integrated websites, we get this type of input quite frequently but...

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Webinar: Social Media Strategy to Increase Member Sales & Retention

In September, WebLink held a webinar titled, "5 Steps to Growing Your Membership Using LinkedIn."   The response was incredible and we've had many requests for more sessions on using social media.   Our attendees said they would like more information on other social networks, with specific tactics for finding new members, getting their members to share their content and how to measure the results.

It's clear that social media has become critical for associations to keep current members engaged...

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How to Host a Great Webinar For Your Members

Host a great webinar for your membersWebinars allow you to bring members together without having to meet at a physical location. The benefits can include: elimination of travel time and costs, ability to record and watch later, and fewer logistics to consider without the need for a venue, meal planning, etc.

Here are some ways you can ensure a fantastic webinar for your members.

Choose a great topic – Make sure you have a specific topic in mind, and an outline to follow. Participants want to know what the webinar is about, and what...

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Top Questions About Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Membership

Last week, WebLink hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled, "5 Steps to Growing Your Membership Using LinkedIn."

We've seen chambers of commerce and associations make great strides in using social media to connect with their members and extend their reach.  Largely, these efforts have centered around Facebook and Twitter, with LinkedIn and others being under utilized.   This was reinforced by some pre-webinar questions we asked.

The results (charts below)...

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Best Practices for Measuring Member Engagement

Measuring member engagement has become a hot topic among associations and chambers of commerce looking to better understand their members and drive more revenue through sponsorships, advertising, new member sales and member retention.

Recently, Associations Now published two articles on the challenges that associations are facing in measuring member engagement.  You can read the articles here and here.  A recent survey by Tate & Tryon, Membership Metrics: A Review of Current and Best Practices,...

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Webinar: 5 Steps to Growing Your Membership Through LinkedIn

Associations and chambers of commerce have long provided outstanding learning and networking opportunities to help their members grow their businesses.

As social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have gained massive popularity, some associations and chambers have felt threatened by these networks' ability to provide their members with a vast amount of resources and information, incredibly fast.

Other member-based organizations, though, are jumping into social media and using LinkedIn...

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30 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Association Event

Events can be a great member benefit but without the proper planning can become a huge expense. Here are 30 great ways to save money.

  1. Know your budget. Before you start any of the planning, know your budget so you can keep priorities in order.
  2. Plan your event early. When vendors still have a lot of availability, they are much more willing to work with you on price and may be able to include a few "extras" at little or no cost.
  3. Be flexible on dates. Rates can vary greatly by the time of year, day of...
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Guarantee Success for Your Association's Annual Event

As mentioned in part one of this two-part blog series, there are three main parts to hosting a successful annual event: planning, execution and follow-up.

We have already discussed the planning and preparation aspects of the event.   How can you guarantee success now that the event is starting?    With attention to detail on execution and follow up.

Below we will cover the important things to remember during the event itself and the focus of the follow-up after the event to finish strong and...

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Creating a Perfect Event for Your Association or Chamber of Commerce

Most associations and chambers of commerce host dozens - if not hundreds - of events each year.  These range from committee and board meetings to monthly luncheons to huge annual dinners, banquets and conventions.  Those big events - the ones that take the most planning and effort - can also be the ones that have the greatest impact on your organization's brand and on your relationships with your members.

There are three parts to successfully throwing the annual big event without a hitch. Sure,...

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What are the Benefits of Using Chamber Membership Software?

Your membership database is your Chamber's most valuable asset. So choosing the right technology to keep track of all of your member data is crucial. The most robust Chamber Membership Software solutions out there can provide you with a variety of features for creating efficiencies, increasing new member sales, improving retention, and generating more non-dues revenue.

So, how could your Chamber benefit?

Seamless Integration

Choosing to run your Chamber on Chamber Membership Software makes life...

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How to get your members’ attention

You and your members are subjected to a staggering amount of marketing messages every day.  In fact, estimates for the number of images and marketing content we see each day range from 500 messages more than 5,000!  That is a ridiculous amount of information for your association or chamber of commerce to compete against.

How can you make sure your organization can cut through the clutter to deliver value to your members?  Below are some tactics you can use to help your message stand out so...

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Seven Surefire Ways to Get Your Members Coming Back for More

If you’re like the staff at most associations and chambers of commerce, you take great pride in delivering benefits and services to your members.  You come into work each day looking for more ways to increase membership and retain the ones you have.

After months or years of your hard work, it's a great feeling to see your membership numbers rising. Now, what can you do to make sure this even greater number of members stays happy and renews their membership?

Here are seven points to remember when...

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