Community Website Development

New eBook: Overcoming the 5 Ways Your Website Lets Your Members Down

Your website is the face of your organization. It is accessible to visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any time and any place. It provides any one and every one, including both prospective and current members, with the most comprehensive information about your association. Yet, its maintenance and management are too often pushed to the bottom of your staff's never-ending to-do list. 

In today's tech-driven and mobile world, consistently contributing to your association website development,...

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Make Your Association’s Brand Come to Life

Create a strong brand for your associationFrom the perspective of the New Year, the next 12 months look perfect. No mistakes. No problems that could derail your strategic plans. This could be your best year ever.

For some associations, that means gaining more members, improving retention or increasing non-dues revenue. Or, all three!

As you look ahead, keep this one thing in mind: None of this will happen without your association’s brand. But we’re not talking about re-doing the logo or the letterhead.

Your brand is the sum total of your...

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Ask Your Members The One Question That Matters Most

Ask your members the ultimate questionEvery organization battles to provide value to its customers – and be recognized for it.   Do you know how well your association is doing?

Do you monitor social media to get a feel for how you’re doing? Many associations are unsure of how effective their social efforts have been. After all, do a few Tweets tell you much?

Measuring member satisfaction.

  • Member surveys were and still are a staple of gauging satisfaction with products and services. But they’re usually too long, too complicated, and...
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Top Questions About Websites That Disappoint Your Association Members

How your website lets your association members down.Last week, WebLink hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled, "5 Ways Your Website Lets Your Members Down."  

With websites being a critical component of associations' marketing and communications plans, many organizations don't realize how their websites can be disappointing their members and adversely affecting member retention and new member sales.

The webinar detailed some of the common mistakes associations make with their websites, how those mistakes affect...

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Top Questions: Mistakes Associations Make When Using Their Membership Database

Last week, WebLink hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled, "5 Mistakes That Haunt Associations When Using Their Membership Database."

The webinar detailed common mistakes that associations make with their membership database, demonstrated solutions to the problems and showed ways to use your association management software (AMS) to provide better service to your members.

During registration for the webinar, we asked attendees some questions about their current...

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How Your Association Management Software Can Help You Target Millennials

Millenials (also known as Generation Y)  are individuals born between 1979 and 2001. And according to Forbes, Millenials will make up 36% of the workforce by 2014 and 46% by 2020. With that in mind, Millennials are extremely important to your organization as it exists today, and are key to your future success.

How can your association management software help you target millennials?

Customize your communications. Your association management software should allow you to segment data and...

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4 Keys (and Lots of Tips!) to Avoiding Unhappy Members

Keeping members happy is central to running a successful organization. Happy members mean higher retention rates, more engaged members, and a higher likelihood that your members will talk to others about the value they receive.

What can you do to keep members happy?

1. Communicate. Keep members informed while providing a constant flow of fresh topics and ideas.

- Create a content calendar to ensure you are providing regular, quality communication.

- Always keep your website up-to-date with the...

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How to get your members’ attention

You and your members are subjected to a staggering amount of marketing messages every day.  In fact, estimates for the number of images and marketing content we see each day range from 500 messages more than 5,000!  That is a ridiculous amount of information for your association or chamber of commerce to compete against.

How can you make sure your organization can cut through the clutter to deliver value to your members?  Below are some tactics you can use to help your message stand out so...

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Creating the Right Content for Your Association's Content Marketing Strategy

As an association or chamber of commerce, you have a wealth of relationships and information available to share with your members, which can be both a good and bad thing when it comes to creating content. While you have great information to pull from, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to know where to focus your association’s content marketing efforts.  Blog posts, news articles, contributing to newspapers, opinion pages, industry journals, Facebook posts, LinkedIn pages...the list is...

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Using Google Analytics for Chambers and Associations

Many chambers of commerce and associations understand the importance their website plays on driving new member sales, improving member retention and generating non-dues revenue.   Your website is your single largest communications tool and has a far greater reach than your emails, newsletters, events and advertising efforts - combined.

Frequently, though, the staff members of chambers and associations are busy providing services to your members and may not have the expertise to be a full-time...

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Best Association Websites: 4 Things Your Website Needs To Deliver

Website design and functionality has grown considerably in the last few years. For most visitors to your website, their first impression of your brand is formed by the design, content and features offered on your association website. Your website shows online visitors how much thought your association puts into its brand so it’s essential to put your best foot forward.

To connect with both current and prospective members, associations must have an engaging website that delivers easy...

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Top Questions About Mobile Strategies For Associations

Earlier this week, WebLink hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled, "How to Succeed in a Mobile World - Use the Growth of Mobile to Better Serve Your Members."

WebLink's Senior Website Designer Benji Craig showed attendees how the explosion in the use of mobile devices is driving business associations to rethink how they deliver information to their members, prospects and the communities they serve.

During registration for the webinar, we asked some questions...

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Thinking Mobile? Why A Responsive Website Design Should Be In Your Association's Future

Imagine you're building your dream house. A 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2-car garage, with a pretty little white picket fence out front and the defining centerpiece - a huge bay window to watch your kids play in the yard.

Your builder is a reputable contractor with great references, as well as a membership in the local chamber of commerce and home builders association, but he has a problem. You have informed your builder that you want the bay window to get bigger each year so you can take in more and...

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Top Questions About Selling Memberships & Sponsorships For Associations

WebLink recently hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled, "10 Mistakes Associations Make When Selling Memberships and Sponsorships."

WebLink's Senior Membership Management Executive Tao Stadler has worked with chambers and associations for more than 15 years.  During the webinar, he shared with attendees some of the common mistakes he's seen associations make that hinder the organization's ability to grow and strenghen their business.

Many times membership sales...

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Association Management Software: Is Your System Really Integrated?

By Mike Lobue, Membership Management Executive

If you are involved in technology decisions for your association, more likely than not, you’ve engaged with multiple vendors, each providing a separate technology solution. You’ve probably talked to a company that provides an association management software solution, while engaging with another that will handle your association website needs and another for your mobile app and so on. All the while being promised all the systems will ‘talk to’ and...

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8 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Association’s Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic to your association’s website can mean more member sales, improved member retention, and increased non-dues revenue for your association. With the right visitors to your website, you'll achieve your goals and have happier members. Though there are dozens of methods that promise to help you to increase website traffic, we recently did an analysis of our client websites and found the following 8 best practices.

In fact, we found that on average, our clients experienced a 6...

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Generation Why? - Why Recruiting Millennials is Key for Associations

During his inaugural address in 1961, John Kennedy famously said:

"...Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans..."

Now, more than 50 years later, Kennedy's sentiments seem relevant again as Millennials come of age and become a driving force in the marketplace and grows into a leadership role that is defining the American landscape and marketplace.

This transition creates an opportunity for...

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Use Marketing Synergy in Association Member Management

With all the buzz in associations about social media and digital communications, now is a great time to swim upstream a bit.  Seriously, when is the last time you received a great print marketing piece?  One that not only stays on your desk, but as a membership or marketing professional, you show off to other association professionals. 

In a world of 140 character messages that are likely viewed while you are in line at the grocery store or waiting for an elavator don't you occassionally want to...

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Association Websites: 6 Tips for a Successful Website Redesign

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about vendor vs. partner relationships in regard to associations and their members. Today I want to expand on that and talk about how a redesign for your association’s website can help support your efforts.

Of course, having a website is important. But having an effective website can mean more members, more engaged members, higher retention, and more non-dues revenue.

Are you considering a new association website? Here are six tips for establishing a website that...

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