Designing a High Traffic Website - Keyword Density in Document Text

Posted by Benji Craig on Nov 6, 2008 10:03:00 AM

I have no excuse for not posting sooner - expect my dog ate the list I was using.  Not really, but it worked in 2 grade and it didn't help that I was a cute little guy!  :)  Anyway, I'm back and ready to continue on the "List of Best and Worse practices for designing a high traffic website" list.  Up next:

3.  Keyword density in document text

The term keyword density (KD) is define by the percentage of targeted words that are part of your page content.  For instance if you have a 100 word document and you were targeting the term "Chamber Software" and it was used 10 times in with in the text you'd have a density of 10%.

It's best to have a KD of 3-7% for primary targets and 1-2% for secondary targets.  A great tool for checking your keyword density can be found at SEO Chat.

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