How To Create a Team of Association Management Software Experts

Posted by WebLink Staff on Mar 20, 2013 11:49:00 PM

By Lauren Bashaw, Senior Manager of Customer Adoption

A common question we hear from our association management software clients is with such a robust AMS system, how can we be sure we are getting full value for ourselves and our members?  The simplest answer is to make sure your staff are well-trained on the features, functions, and best practices that will ensure your AMS success!

And your next thought – I can almost guarantee it – is “we don’t have time for training.”  In the association world, you are constantly working to serve your members and taking hours out of your day to devote to old-fashioned, classroom-style training is simply not feasible.  We understand this!  So you have a dilemma: a great tool that can help your team succeed, and no time to teach them how to use it.  The solution lies in the many quick, easy, and always-accessible online resources that your association management software should provide.

WebLink University has a collection of over 70 training videos that are all 5 minutes or less, grouped and segmented to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Want to learn how to easily manage table assignments for events?  No need to sit through in-depth training on things you already know – watch the 3-minute demonstration “Manage Table Assignments” on the Events page of WebLink University.  Want to investigate more efficient ways to send your association's monthly invoices?  Watch the 5-minute video “Find and Send Invoices” on the Revenue page.

By taking just three or five minutes out of your day, you can vastly expand the scope of your association management software knowledge, and, one step at a time, advance towards expert-user status!

WebLink clients can access WebLink University training videos at, where you will be prompted to log in.  You can have your credentials automatically sent to you by clicking “Forgot Login,” or you can click “Sign Up” if we can’t find your information.

Finally, keep in mind that WebLink University is just the beginning of our many online resources.  Look for future blog entries on the WebLink Community (our online user forum), as well as our self-service Support portal at!

Not a WebLink client? Learn more about how we can help your association create a team of association management software experts.

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