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How to Start a National Day for Your Association

Promotional Graphic for American Diabetes Association Alert DayToday is the American Diabetes Association Alert Day which is held annually on the fourth Tuesday of every March.  They mark the day as a one-day “wake-up call” to inform the United States public about the gravity of diabetes.  By offering free online tools, the ADA encourages everyone to take the diabetes risk test and learn about your family’s history of the disease.  The Alert Day is a one day event, but it kicks off a month long fundraiser and awareness campaign.

The ADA has done a wonderful...

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Is Your Association Staff Really Passionate About Your Members? 10 Ways to Show You Care.

Is your association staff passionate about your members?We’ve all heard that actions speak louder than words. That means your association must do more than just check off a list of benefits. Showing that you and your staff are sincerely passionate about your industry, your community, and your members’ is critical. And it will keep them coming back year after year.

1. Create a passionate, caring culture.

This doesn't happen over night, and is easier said than done. It starts at the top with great leadership and can be sustained by hiring the right...

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WebLink President DJ Muller Discusses SMBs' use of LinkedIn on Fox News Live

Recently, WebLink published an eBook titled "4 Simple Steps to Growing Your Membership with LinkedIn" designed to help associations, chambers of commerce and member-based organizations take advantage of LinkedIn to grow their business.

The response to our eBook has been tremendous. And, we've found that small and medium businesses (SMBs) are finding the guide useful as well.  Many small businesses and associations face similar challenges when trying to drive new business with a small staff and a...

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An Email Subject Line Your Association Can Use To Wow Your Members

Wow your association members with great email subject linesRecently, WebLink finalized our dates for our 2014 WebLink Summit, our annual marketing, technology and social media conference for member-based organizations.  

We narrowed our choices down to two finalists: the JW Marriott Indianapolis and the Downtown Marriott in Indianapolis.  

We ultimately chose the JW Marriott for the 2014 WebLink Summit, but a well-crafted email from the Downtown Marriott guaranteed they'll be in the mix for the 2015 event.

Subject Line: 5 Reasons You Should Not Use the...

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Should Your Association Change Your Processes Or Your Software?

Should your association change your process or your software?On the list of inevitable things after death and taxes, change ranks right at the top. Any association or chamber of commerce seeking to maintain their relevance, grow their organization and drive success for their members are going to have to change something.

But knowing what to change can certainly be a challenge for associations seeking to become a key partner in their members' success.

Launching a significant software change for association or member management, a new website, or content...

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How to Host a Great Webinar For Your Members

Host a great webinar for your membersWebinars allow you to bring members together without having to meet at a physical location. The benefits can include: elimination of travel time and costs, ability to record and watch later, and fewer logistics to consider without the need for a venue, meal planning, etc.

Here are some ways you can ensure a fantastic webinar for your members.

Choose a great topic – Make sure you have a specific topic in mind, and an outline to follow. Participants want to know what the webinar is about, and what...

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30 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Association Event

Events can be a great member benefit but without the proper planning can become a huge expense. Here are 30 great ways to save money.

  1. Know your budget. Before you start any of the planning, know your budget so you can keep priorities in order.
  2. Plan your event early. When vendors still have a lot of availability, they are much more willing to work with you on price and may be able to include a few "extras" at little or no cost.
  3. Be flexible on dates. Rates can vary greatly by the time of year, day of...
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How to get your members’ attention

You and your members are subjected to a staggering amount of marketing messages every day.  In fact, estimates for the number of images and marketing content we see each day range from 500 messages more than 5,000!  That is a ridiculous amount of information for your association or chamber of commerce to compete against.

How can you make sure your organization can cut through the clutter to deliver value to your members?  Below are some tactics you can use to help your message stand out so...

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Why Website Advertising is a Great Benefit for Chamber Members

Your website is one of the best marketing opportunities your members have available for growing their businesses. In fact, many of our clients' members say the exposure they gain from the chamber's website is worth the price of dues renewals each year.

So, how can you make your website even BETTER for your members?   Online Advertising!

Offering online advertising on your chamber’s website to your members is an excellent way to provide additional value to your members beyond the directory...

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The Future of Association Management Software

By DJ Muller, President & Founder, WebLink International

Association management software (AMS) is the term used for software that helps trade and professional associations run their operations.  For the purposes of this article I am going to assume you know how associations operate.

The primary benefit of software dating back decades is to save time.   Being “more efficient” was - and still is - the primary benefit software provides for many associations.

Being more efficient for associations means...

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Thinking Mobile? Why A Responsive Website Design Should Be In Your Association's Future

Imagine you're building your dream house. A 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2-car garage, with a pretty little white picket fence out front and the defining centerpiece - a huge bay window to watch your kids play in the yard.

Your builder is a reputable contractor with great references, as well as a membership in the local chamber of commerce and home builders association, but he has a problem. You have informed your builder that you want the bay window to get bigger each year so you can take in more and...

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Being A Chamber Member Is Good For Business - Advertising With the Chamber is Even Better

By Joe Scaggs, National Sales Manager for WebLink Digital Media

Recently, The Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm, released a national survey of 2,000 adults that indicated significant benefits for businesses active in their local Chamber of Commerce. The full results of the survey can be viewed on the ACCE website, but I’ll try to be helpful and cover a few of the highlights for small businesses.   

When a small business is active in a Chamber of Commerce:

  • Consumers are 49%...
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Who is competing with your Chamber?

Who is competing with your ChamberWe know that one of the main reasons companies join chambers of commerce is to increase their business.  And the exposure your members gain via your website is the single largest way you can promote them and drive traffic to their business.

The value that members receive from exposure on - and traffic from - your chamber’s website often justifies their membership renewal each year.  And, that value can be used to acquire new members, plus generate non-dues revenue through website advertising.

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The Shift to Online Advertising; Are you keeping up?

Within the past two years, we’ve seen well-established newspapers fold as readership numbers plummet. The culprit? The internet, of course. As this CNN article points out, newspapers are “losing their relevance in the lives of a majority of Americans, particularly younger readers.

And this trend isn’t isolated to just newspapers – it affects chambers of commerce and business associations. Today, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce (a WebLink International client) announced they will cease...Read More » »

Is Your Website Too Modest?

While perusing the U.S. News and World Report’s website today I came across a few lists of “Bests” -- America’s Best Places to Find a Job, 10 Best Places to Grow Up, etc. And yet, when I went to some of those city’s websites, there was no mention of these honors -- a missed opportunity for the chambers of commerce, the visitor’s convention bureaus and any other city website really.

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Is Your Website Attracting Young Professionals?

Recently I sat in a conference call with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. As WebLink’s Benji Craig was explaining the importance of SEO to their chamber, it hit me – this really is important.

Before I joined the WebLink team, I knew nothing about chambers Chambers of Commerce and Young Professionalsof commerce, convention and visitors bureaus or business associations. It was almost embarrassing learning about these organizations and realizing what a great resource I had been missing out on. Whenever my friends or I would plan a trip...Read More » »

A Chamber TweetUp during the ACCE Convention!

Attend the first ever TweetUp for Chamber of Commerce staff!You've probably heard about TweetUps before.  And maybe your chamber of commerce might have even hosted one for your members.  But...have you ever attended a TweetUp JUST for chamber of commerce "tweeters?"  Well, here is you chance!

Join me for a Chamber TweetUp on Thursday, July 30 during the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) Convention in Raleigh, NC. 

Since the last sessions end at 5:30 that day, we'll meet at The Bar in the Sheraton Hotel at 6:00 pm (The Bar is on the second...Read More » »

Building Blog Traffic: Comment on Other Blogs

Many chambers of commerce, business associations and other member-based organizations are beginning to realize the benefits that a good blogging strategy can create.  Reading other blogs, too and posting comments to them can be a great way to introduce your blog to new readers and increase traffic on your blog. This is called “Blog Seeding.” 

Find blogs that deal with local business issues, tourism, government affairs or some other aspect of your community.  Check out your local newspaper...

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