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Creating the Right Content for Your Association's Content Marketing Strategy

As an association or chamber of commerce, you have a wealth of relationships and information available to share with your members, which can be both a good and bad thing when it comes to creating content. While you have great information to pull from, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to know where to focus your association’s content marketing efforts.  Blog posts, news articles, contributing to newspapers, opinion pages, industry journals, Facebook posts, LinkedIn pages...the list is...

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Using Google Analytics for Chambers and Associations

Many chambers of commerce and associations understand the importance their website plays on driving new member sales, improving member retention and generating non-dues revenue.   Your website is your single largest communications tool and has a far greater reach than your emails, newsletters, events and advertising efforts - combined.

Frequently, though, the staff members of chambers and associations are busy providing services to your members and may not have the expertise to be a full-time...

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Why Website Advertising is a Great Benefit for Chamber Members

Your website is one of the best marketing opportunities your members have available for growing their businesses. In fact, many of our clients' members say the exposure they gain from the chamber's website is worth the price of dues renewals each year.

So, how can you make your website even BETTER for your members?   Online Advertising!

Offering online advertising on your chamber’s website to your members is an excellent way to provide additional value to your members beyond the directory...

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Want Better Social Media Engagement? Reply!

If you're wondering how you can increase the number of replies, shares and retweets your association or chamber of commerce gets, try this:  Reply to, share and retweet your members' posts!

Each day, I take some time to read blog posts and articles from from business associations, chambers of commerce, marketing organizations and social media experts.  I'm amazed at the time, energy and passion that writers put into their posts.  And, their insights and ideas help make me a better communicator. 


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Compete with yourself to retain - and gain - more members

The concept of competition is strange to many business associations and chambers of commerce. 

You may feel like your organization doesn't have much competition, but we know that chambers of commerce and business associations are facing competition from networking groups, online communities, for-profit discount clubs and sometimes other chambers of commerce and associations.  And, the Gen X and Gen Y business owners are less likely to “join” organizations such as chambers of commerce than Baby...

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Learn from the businesses that DON'T join your chamber of commerce

If your chamber of commerce is like most, you go through a certain process to sell memberships to local businesses.  At some point in this process, the business will decide to join or not to join.  

If the business joins, you can be well on your way to recording information on why they joined so you can deliver benefits to them and gain valuable member intelligence.

But what if they don’t join?  What can you learn from these businesses?  Plenty!

Let’s start with this, “Why not?”  Ask them why they...

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Webinar - Advanced Google Analytics for Chambers and Associations

In May 2013, WebLink hosted a webinar on Advanced Google Analytics for Associations titled, "Top 10 Things Your Association Should be Measuring (But Probably Isn't)."  Nearly 500 association executives from across the country registered and the response was incredible.  Questions after the webinar ranged from "How much does Google Analytics cost?" to "How can I implement on-page tracking scripts to better understand our visitor's level of engagement?"

At the American Chamber of Commerce...

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Nation's Best Chambers Are WebLink Clients

On July 24, The American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) recgonized the national best chambers of commerce during the organization's annual convention in Oklahoma City.   The ACCE's Chamber of the Year program is the nation’s only award recognizing the dual role chambers of commerce have in creating both leading businesses and communities

We are proud to announce that two WebLink International clients were named the 2013 Chamber of the Year: Glenwood Springs (CO) Chamber Resort Association ...

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How To Start Content Marketing For Your Association or Chamber

Content marketing is certainly a hot topic among businesses looking to create greater awareness for their products and services, generate more leads and develop stronger relationships with their customers.

You might of heard of content marketing, but you're unsure what it means. It can certainly mean different things to different types of business.  For business associations and chambers of commerce, I'll offer this definition:

"Content marketing is a method of creating and sharing relevant and...

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5 Ways to Increase Member Engagement for Better Retention

By Rory Beall, Membership Management Executive

At the forefront of any organization’s retention strategy should be increasing member engagement. Passive members are much less likely to renew their membership so understanding how to move inactive members to more involved members can have a tremendous impact.

Here are 5 ways to increase member engagement:

  1. Segment Your Messaging

We’re all aware that members will join and renew their memberships for varied reasons. Therefore, tailoring messages...

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Thinking Mobile? Why A Responsive Website Design Should Be In Your Association's Future

Imagine you're building your dream house. A 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2-car garage, with a pretty little white picket fence out front and the defining centerpiece - a huge bay window to watch your kids play in the yard.

Your builder is a reputable contractor with great references, as well as a membership in the local chamber of commerce and home builders association, but he has a problem. You have informed your builder that you want the bay window to get bigger each year so you can take in more and...

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5 Benefits to Integrating Your Association Website with Your Membership Database

Your association website is one of the most important tools for driving new member sales, increasing retention, and developing streams of non-dues revenue. Is your website holding you and your organization back?

In a recent webinar titled, “Advanced Google Analytics: Top 10 Things Your Association Should be Measuring (But Probably Isn’t)” we surveyed attendees on their biggest website challenges and how often they are able to make updates to their existing website.

What is your biggest website...

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Top Questions About Selling Memberships & Sponsorships For Associations

WebLink recently hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled, "10 Mistakes Associations Make When Selling Memberships and Sponsorships."

WebLink's Senior Membership Management Executive Tao Stadler has worked with chambers and associations for more than 15 years.  During the webinar, he shared with attendees some of the common mistakes he's seen associations make that hinder the organization's ability to grow and strenghen their business.

Many times membership sales...

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Webinar - Mistakes Associations Make When Selling

By Tao Stadler, Senior Membership Management Executive at WebLink International

For business associations and chambers of commerce, selling memberships and sponsorships is a fact of life.  You simply must do it in order to grow as an organization.  Sometimes, you even need to sell new memberships  just to maintain the status quo.

With so much riding on the success of your sales team, I'm continually surprised at how little focus associations place on developing good sales techniques and using an...

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Association Management Software: The Cost of Waiting to Invest

By Mike Lobue, Membership Management Executive

Associations are always looking for ways to save, especially when the economy goes through rough times. Many will turn to technology or new employee roles to discover methods of saving, learning the hard way that waiting to invest will cost them in the long run. More and more, business associations are discovering association management software solutions to be a cost-saving investment, and waiting to invest can delay membership growth, hurt...

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5 Steps to Increase Membership Retention: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Recruit to retain your membersIf you are looking to increase member retention, why not start by recruiting the members who are most likely to renew in the first place? Since, you are going to spend money, intellectual effort and time on member sales and retention anyhow, why not make sure you maximize your ROI by targeting prospective members who are similar to your existing members and who already renew at a high rate?

You’re probably thinking that sure sounds great, but where should you start?  It all begins with member...

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Top Questions About Using Google Analytics For Association Websites

WebLink recently hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled, “Advanced Google Analytics: Top 10 Things Your Association Should be Measuring (But Probably Isn't).”  WebLink's Senior Website Designer Benji Craig showed attendees how to build their own "website empire" and led them through some of the more advanced ways of measuring website traffic and how that information can be used.

The response was incredible and truly demonstrated the need among member-based...

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Easy to Understand and Actionable Google Analytics Reports for Associations

I was recently made fun of for saying "Google Analytics is cool!" I guess I could see someone saying that, but I could easily say the same thing about people who think hockey is cool. People tend be scared, and ridicule, what they don't understand and I don't know a thing about hockey - with the exception that David Beckham is the best player in the league, right?

Understanding your website is not only cool, it’s really smart.

If you're looking for way to uncover value from your association...

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3 Membership Database Software Myths

By Tao Stadler, Senior Membership Management Executive

In a meeting a few months ago, my CEO, Terry Dwyer, made a point about progress that strongly resonated with me and has been in my mind ever since.

In discussing a feature that we all agreed would be a dramatic improvement for our association clients, a litany of reasons why it would be hard or even impossible to accomplish came rushing forward, as though months of research had already been done and the answer was set in stone.

After a few...

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Online Membership Directory Best Practices: What Makes WebLink Local So Effective?

By Bryan Long, Relationship Manager

Is your chamber of commerce or business association website doing all it can to promote your members? Could you be improving member retention, generating more leads for members, producing more revenue, or even increasing event attendance with a more powerful website and online membership directory?

The single biggest reason businesses join your organization is to gain more business.  Through networking, professional learning opportunities and the exposure gained...

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