The 4 Best Association Management Software Tools (From WebLink) – A Trainer’s Perspective

Posted by WebLink Staff on May 15, 2013 11:46:00 PM

By Lauren Bashaw, Senior Manager of Customer Adoption

One of the best qualities about a full membership management software solution like WebLink is its ability to handle it all – your membership data, your event registrations, your aging reports, your website content – it’s a one-stop shop.  Unfortunately, this can cause some fun features and helpful tools to get overlooked in the day-to-day of managing your database.  As a trainer, I see several of these rise to the top as the most underused and underestimated things that could help you manage your association better:

Contact Records

Every single time you have a one-on-one conversation of any kind with a member or prospect, you should be recording that in WebLink.  Notes fields aren’t good enough – by entering a “Contact,” you are logging trackable dates, contact person, staff person, and category of communication to refer to later.  You can use this as a retention tool for difficult members, a communication tool between staff, and most importantly, view trends in types of contacts and find members who have not been personally contacted in a given period of time.

Custom Referral Types

Most associations like to show their members how they are providing value through referrals to their businesses – primarily through promotion on your website.  While many types of referrals are recorded automatically, you do more to promote your members than just put them on your website.  Do you order lunch from member restaurants/caterers?  Use members as locations for your events? Place member brochures in your front lobby? All of these things should be recorded as referrals to demonstrate your commitment to your members in a tangible, quantitative way.

Quick Searches (other than for Profiles)

Most of our clients know that a quick and easy way to look up a member or individual is using our Profile Quick Search.  But what if you need to look up an invoice number, an event, or a web page to edit?  In the Quick Actions section on the left side of your screen, you can click on 5 different searches other than just profiles (at the bottom of the section) to quickly find what you are looking for.  Web Content is my favorite – just type in the name of a web page and click on it to edit the content on that page.

Data Export/Reporting Tool

Think you need a custom report?  You might… but then again, maybe you just need a more flexible way to pull your data.  The Data Export/Reporting Tool allows you to choose from a variety of “data groups” we have pre-populated for you, then pick your own fields/columns to display, filter the data (find all members, or all event attendees, or all profiles with open invoices, etc.), set the sort order, and then export directly into Excel for you to use as you wish.  This tool works especially great for event exports, when you only want a spreadsheet with a very specific list of fields for your registration table or a name badge mail merge.

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