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Keywords in title tag

Here we are at the beginning of a beautiful stretch of SEO highway!  :)  Are you as excited as I am here?  Ok, enough of that...let's rock out!

The first of many posts on SEO to-do list found on the website is working keywords into your <title> tag.

Keywords in <title> tag

The <title> tag is found in the head code of your website page.  Here is an example from the Boston Chamber of Commerce website which was just recently launched:

Boston Chamber of Commerce - Title Tag
The value of putting your keywords into the <title> tag is for when your site is indexed on the search results, your keywords will help people see what your page(s) are all about.

They recommend a short title of 6-7 words at the most, but this will really vary on the page in the cases you have a name of a program or event that might exceed those numbers.

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