What are the Benefits of Using Chamber Membership Software?

Posted by Kelly Sutter on Aug 30, 2013 12:25:00 AM

Your membership database is your Chamber's most valuable asset. So choosing the right technology to keep track of all of your member data is crucial. The most robust Chamber Membership Software solutions out there can provide you with a variety of features for creating efficiencies, increasing new member sales, improving retention, and generating more non-dues revenue.

So, how could your Chamber benefit?

Seamless Integration

Choosing to run your Chamber on Chamber Membership Software makes life simpler and easier. If you don't, you may employ the use of several systems to maintain your database, events, finances, communications, social media, and website. But with one system, you eliminate the time spent entering the same information to multiple systems and work much smarter.

Updates and Accuracy

Your membership database should be accurate and available the moment you need it. With only one system to maintain, updates can be applied in real-time. Data is also much more consistent and accurate.

Robust Reporting

Chamber Management Software gives you information at your fingertips. At WebLink, we offer more than 200 standard reports with the ability to export and segment data quickly and easily. Look at your information in ways you never thought possible, and compare areas at the touch of a button. Always know what is going on in your organization by maintaining the ability to generate detailed reports instantly.

Details, Details, Details!

With the ability to keep track of individual details, such as interests and communication preferences, you will be able to build and strengthen relationships with your members. Stop looking for that post-it note or tiny comment field about specific member needs; membership software can keep track of all of it for you.

Why else are these details important? Retention! The ability to report on members that may be at risk is critical. Additionally, you will be able to more accurately portray return on your investments and campaign strategies.

Non-Dues Revenue

No Chamber can live on dues alone – membership software gives you the option to provide more exposure to your members, while generating revenue for your organization. Some Chamber Membership Software vendors offer Advertising Partnership Programs, where you can drive more referrals to your members while increasing revenue for your organization. At WebLink, we actually complete the process of ad placement, sales, renewals, and ad creation for you, so it doesn't require any additional time or resources from your staff.

Retain, inform, expose, and gain members with the use of Chamber Management Software. Eliminate the busywork, and choose to participate in membership software that works with and for you.

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